What's Happening?

Dear members,


As 2020 comes to an end and hope rises for an end to the worldwide pandemic, let us celebrate what we have accomplished this year and plan for a more productive 2021.

West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association has a new slate of officers. If you haven’t voted, please do so. An email went out to members in November with the Advisory Council nominees listed. Send your responses to wmnanews@gmail.com

We appreciate your support this year and hope you will renew your membership in 2021. WMNA membership fees of $18 are due on Jan.1. Please pay online at westmeadowbrook.org or send a check to the post office box listed under contacts.

Your membership helps WMNA continue to represent the neighborhood on key issues such as game rooms and zoning, as well as work on quality of life improvements such as the purchase of Broadcast Hill property for Tandy Hills Nature Preserve. Members also receive a monthly newsletter with updates on what is happening nearby and citywide.

In 2021, the association will formally welcome the Reby Cary Youth Library and a new senior living complex Sunset at Fash Place, two projects WMNA has been deeply involved in designing, organizing and supporting.

2020 accomplishments

  • Spearheading purchase of Broadcast Hill property off Barnett for Tandy Hills Nature Preserve by city of Fort Worth as part of greenspace preservation program, a long-time goal of Friends of Tandy Hills and West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association.

  • Fundraising drive for first responders netted more than $3,000 in donations. Monies were converted to gift cards from Eastside businesses, giving a needed boost during COVID-19 shutdown. Spearheaded by board member Mike Phipps.

  • Partnering with developer Megan Lasch on Sunset at Fash Place build out and art design as the senior living center on Oakland Avenue entered construction phase. WMNA members served on a committee to recommend zoning, density, target market, and color schemes

  • Initiating food truck series during summer, including sponsorship by JW Realty, to replace in-person meetings

  • Cleaning up Chelsea Park off Stratford Court where overgrowth and vagrancy had limited use of pocket park. WMNA volunteers worked two Saturdays with Parks & Recreation to clear away debris and trash.

  • Collaborating on design and construction of Reby Cary Youth Library, a project spearheaded by Don Boren and Wanda Conlin and approved by citizens of Fort Worth in bond election. WMNA donated $5,000 plus to add park benches/tables near youth library now under construction. Fort Worth City Council recognized WMNA for its donation at a regular meeting in October. The donation was approved in 2019.

  • Developing partnership with Meadowbrook Gardeners, lending experience and structure to the selection of yards for monthly awards. Added sponsors and rebuilt sign.

  • Coordinating with Eastside Community Garden on pumpkin patch sale, open house. Eastside Community Garden is a new venture close to the Reby Cary Youth Library site and another partnership for WMNA.

  • Sponsoring National Night Out ice cream giveaway in October. Underwriting by Leslie Shields Insurance.

  • Collaborating with city on building sidewalks equaling approximately one mile in Oakland Lake Park, mitigating safety problem of students walking in street. Two-year effort by Mike Phipps, board member

  • Introducing online programs and Eastside Stories interviews (three total) to replace monthly meetings after COVID-19 restrictions began.

  • Sponsoring in-person school reopening celebration at Meadowbrook Middle School with East Fort Worth Business Association

  • Expanding business memberships by four, increasing revenue to organization

  • Beginning discussion with city for memorial mile/meditation garden in Oakland Lake Park

  • Redesigning WMNA logo and creating t-shirts for members, a fundraiser for WMNA. Design by board member Jeannette Cannon and marketing by Leslie Shields Botvidson.

  • Spearheading naming of untitled road to Dairy Lane in honor of first business in West Meadowbrook

  • Participating in East Fort Worth Alliance planning and conference calls to coordinate response on zoning, community, and business issues

Sunset at Fash Place Opens To High Demand

Jan. 25, 2021


West Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association hosted developer

Megan Lasch who is responsible for the Sunset at Fash Place project at 1640 Oakland Avenue.


Lasch told online participants:

* All 66 units are leased with more than 200 applications.

* Eastside flourishes have been added throughout complex.

* Security includes cameras, double deadbolts, Ring doorbell cameras, and reinforced fences and windows.

* Bricks from Fash mansion have been incorporated into an outdoor fireplace and art created by a local firm decorates the patio.

* Neighbors are invited to stop by the office and ask for a tour.

The full meeting including a video with exterior and interior views is below.

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